Canister 70 mm 18.2 Ah


Agir 70 mm 18.2 Ah canister battery pack, overcurrent protected, and sealed.

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Agir 70 mm 18.2 Ah canister battery pack. Our canisters are sealed, thus protecting the batteries from damage in the event of accidental flooding. The canisters are machined from a solid piece of delrin. They are fitted with hooks for our canister lid latches and comes installed with a belt loop. The canister lid can be inserted in two positions. One position for diving, where the leads are connected. The other position is for storage and travel, with the connectors isolated. The battery cells are electronically protected from overcurrent.

  • Sealed design
  • Battery cells electronically protected from overcurrent.
  • Machined from a solid piece of delrin
  • Burn time: ca 18 h (Agir 10 W LED light-head)
  • Burn time: ca 6 h (Agir 28 W LED light-head)
  • Charge time: ca 5 h
  • Diameter: 70 mm
  • Height: 310 mm
  • Weight (on land): 2.3 kg
  • Weight (in water): 1 kg