LED 28 W light head


Agir 28 W LED light head with powerful cool white light output in an optimal balance between spot and corona.

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The Agir LED 28 W light head is machined out of a single piece of delrin. The light is designed with a balanced beam pattern whith light focused into a spot and with a soft, wide corona. The lens is made out of thick, durable and optical tempered glass. The optical light engine outputs approximately 4022 lm of light. This light head gives light with a good balance between throw and flood. The spot is tight for communication, the corona is soft and uniform to light the periphery of that wreck or that mine tunnel.

It only slightly larger than its little brother the 10 W LED light head. However, the performance is almost quadrupled. This light head is for serious low light diving where a lot of light is required.

Combined with our 70 mm 18.2 Ah canister it outputs light for over 6 hours. Great for those long dives. Or for multiple dives over a few days where charging may be difficult.

  • Spot beam in cool white
  • 28 W LED
  • Color temperature: 7000 K
  • Approximate light output: 4022 lm
  • Diameter: 63 mm
  • Length: 95 mm
  • Weight: 0.5 kg