Lid 70 mm dual output


Agir 70 mm canister lid with dual outputs, one to a rubber coated cable connected to a light head, the other one to an a/o chord.

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Lid 70 mm with dual outputs. One  to a rubber coated cable connected to a light head. The other one is an e/o chord for connection to, for example, heated garments. Both outputs are individually controlled by two high-quality tactile toggle switches. Fitted with two high-quality stainless steel latches (two) to securely attach the lid to the canister.

Our canister lids are dry sealed from both the outside and the inside. The components inside the lid are protected from accidental flooding, for example if the canister lid is opened under water. In addition, should the cable or toggle switch boot be damaged, the batteries are protected from flooding.

  • fits Agir 70 mm canisters
  • machined from a solid piece of delrin
  • sealed from both ends
  • two tactile toggle switches protected by rubber boots
  • output one: rubber coated cable
  • output two: e/o cable
  • two stainless steel latches