Ratosk 16 l sidemount wing


Ratatosk sidemount bladder (wing) with 16 l of maximum positive buoyancy.


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Ratatosk sidemount bladder (wing) with 16 l of maximum positive buoyancy.

The Ratatosk sidemount wing (16 l) is made of rugged, nylon coated, cordura. This is an exceptionally strong and hard-wearing fabric. It is also easy to keep clean. The design and cut reflect our philosophy of diving; the wing is simple, hard-wearing and provides superior in-water performance.

The pattern is carefully adjusted to enhance balance for near effortless trim while diving. Every detail has been scrutinized to give you, the diver, maximum comfort during diving. The wing can be attached in two ways; for most diving we recommend threading the webbing sewn into the top of the wing into the upper plate, and then securing the wing with the bungee cord running from the loops (two on each side). For some dives the best fit is achieved if the webbing is folded and the wing is secured using only the bungee, this way the wing rides very low and the configuration is optimally streamlined. It also makes it possible to don the wing separately.

Seams and stitching: to further enhance the strength of the outer shell the pattern pieces are sewn together, then folded, and sewn once again to prevent seams tearing.

Over pressure relief valve: the position of the OPRV at the center low of the wing permits efficient dumping with either hands.

Dumping: the OPRV is equipped with a piece of knotted 3 mm dinghy line for convenient dumping of excess gas while minimizing risk of snagging or entanglement.

Trim and Fit: the design of the Ratatosk wing allows for two ways of attaching the wing achieving optimal fit and trim.