About us

We are divers. At Agir we make the equipment we want. We believe other divers want it too. Our motivation and our driving force comes from the diving we do. We want to improve and make the best equipment better. The result is gear that is safe, robust, clean and simple.

Our customers are divers of all kinds. Many are technical divers. Our mission is to introduce and provide our equipment to divers of all levels. You do not have to be a technical cave or deep wreck diver to use our products. You can be. In fact many are. But you do not have to be. Or even want to be.


It started in 1991 when Tord Mattson began creating products for diving. Initially he repaired drysuits and other diving equipment and made products that were not available at that time. His knowledge and skill became widely known. The number of customers grew. After a while they ranged from individual scuba divers to Swedish authorities, such as the Swedish police and the Swedish military. Many of the products were custom made. It was carrying handles for cylinders, work lights, camera housings or even high pressure filling equipment.

Tord designed a very robust underwater light. This light was superior to what was available at the time. Even today, many years later, we still receive calls from professional divers asking for fresh components or spare parts for their 15 years old “Tordan-light” that is still being used every day. Durability and quality is a hallmark of each and every one of our products.

Around 2000 Tord designed a 3 mm stainless steel backplate. It was an immediate success in the local dive community. The backplate was followed by a wing, the Habrok 50 lbs wing. Countless hours was spent on test diving different prototypes. The goal was to make the best wing with the best balance. Judging by sales, the divers thought he had succeeded.

More products followed. The business grew. The drysuit repair operation had to be abandoned in favour of product development. What started out as an experimental workshop and a drysuit repair operation was now a business with in house product development and professional manufacturing of scuba diving products. The Agir brand was born.


Ägir is the god of the sea. He lives in a gilded hall beneath the sea. He is a jötun, a lesser god. However, he is a good friend of the aesir, the greater gods. He is married to Ran, they have nine daughters together. The daughters are named after the nine different waves of the sea.

Ägir has a mill. This is where white flour is ground to make foamy waves and the frothy beer of the sea. He is known to host great parties for the aesir in his hall. Despite the darkness at the bottom of the sea Ägirs hall is shimmering with a golden light. This light comes from all the gold and treasure lost by seafarers. Ägirs wife, Ran, uses her net to catch victims of the sea bringing them and their treasure to Ägir’s hall.