We know most of you just want to dive. However, to successfully run our business — providing you with the best dive gear there is, we must be bothered with some legal stuff. The full, mind-numbing, legal mumbo-jumbo can be found by following the three links below:

We know most people will not read all of the legal text at the three links above at this time. So we summarized it slightly. Note, that the actual legal text takes precedence over this very, very brief summary.

We ship orders as soon as we can. We will not leave them lying around and ship them later, when we feel like it. This is a business after all. If the products you receive have been damaged, please tell us, we will sort it out. Send an e-mail.

Give us your correct address. Or your stuff, paid by you, may end up late or lost. If you are outside of the EU you may have to pay for duties and charges related to collecting duties. We won’t.

If we can’t deliver we will tell you.

We try hard to make everything correct on our website. Unfortunately, sometimes there is an error. For example, colors are notoriously hard to make exactly right. Luckily most of our stuff is black. However, what looks like black on our screens may not look like exactly the same black on your screen. This goes for any other color too.

You can change your mind.  If you change your mind, you do not have to tell us why, but you certainly have to tell us that you did. You must tell us within 14 days of receiving products from usSend us an e-mail. Otherwise we don’t know, and the 14 days will expire.

If you do change your mind you will have to send the products you received back to us. Obviously. You will have an additional 14 days to send the stuff back to us. If these 14 days expire, we will assume you are keeping our (great) stuff and your withdrawal (change of mind) is null and void.

You need to know this: if you change your mind, from the time you receive our stuff, until our stuff is back at our place, you are responsible for the stuff. Simply put, if you don’t want it: don’t use it, don’t break it. Send it back. We can’t sell stuff that has been used or damaged. This is a business after all.

Again, we must remind you, the actual boooring legal text takes full precedence over this layperson summary. See the three links above.