Stem eject spool 40 m


The most versatile spool: the stem eject 40 m spool.


The stem eject spool has an integrated handle making it easier to deploy and reel the line back in.

Elegantly deploy your SMB without getting caught or dropping the spool. Wind the line back onto the spool without getting the drysuit glove fingertips caught under the line. Use as a mini reel when doing that longer jump.

The spool is made out of one piece of delrin. The inner edges of the sides are chamfered to help guide the line back onto the spool. Both sides have holes for a double ender and the holes on the two sides are offset so that the clip can always be attached without having to force it.

  • color: black
  • diameter: 80 mm
  • width: 45 mm
  • chamfered inner edges
  • offset holes

Additional information

Dimensions 4.5 x 8.0 x 8.0 cm